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Ethiopia: Government officials, businesspersons appear in court for alleged corruption


Some 34 senior government officials, businesspersons and brokers who were detained last Tuesday on suspicion of corruption, appeared in court.

The charges were read out to them at the second criminal bench of the federal high court today. They are suspected of embezzling over 2 billion birr.

The suspects requested the court to grant them bail.

Police also asked the court for 14 days to collect additional evidences and the bail be denied to them, claiming that the suspects could hide documents if they are given bail.

The court granted the 14 days to police and adjourned the hearing for August 9, 2017.

Below is list of the suspects:

1.  Engineer Fekade Haile -           (Former Manager of Addis Ababa Roads Authority)

2.  Engineer Ahmedin Buser-        (Addis Ababa Roads Authority)

3.  Engineer Wasihun Shiferaw -  (Addis Ababa Roads Authority

4.  Minash Levie –                    (Owner and Manager of Tihdar Construction Company)

5.  Abdo Mohamed –                (Ethiopian Roads Authority)

6.  Bekele Nigusie -                  (Ethiopian Roads Authority)

7.  Glaso Bure -                      (Ethiopian Roads Authority)

8.  Yeneneh Asefa -                 (Ethiopian Roads Authority)

9.  Assefa Baraki -                  (Ethiopian Roads Authority)

10.  Gebreanania Tsadik -         (Ethiopian Roads Authority)

11.  Bekele Balcha -                 (Ethiopian Roads Authority)

12.  Abebe Tesfaye -               (Ethiopian Sugar Corporation)

13.  Bililegn Tassew             (Ethiopian Sugar Corporation)

14.  Endalkachew Girma       (Ethiopian Sugar Corporation)

15.  Senait Worku               (Ethiopian Sugar Corporation)

16.  Ayalew Kebede             (Ethiopian Sugar Corporation)

17.  Belete Zelelew              (Ethiopian Sugar Corporation)

18.  Salem Kebede              (Ethiopian Sugar Corporation)

19.  Mesfin Melkamu          (Ethiopian Sugar Corporation)

20. Mr Gi Yon                 (Manager of Chinese GGIEC contractor)


21. Tsegaye Gebregziabher   (Ethiopian Sugar Corporation)

22. Firew Berhane            (Ethiopian Sugar Corporation)

23.  Abebe Tesfaye          (Ethiopian Sugar Corporation)

24.  Daniel Abebe        (Ethiopian Sugar Corporation)

25.  Yemene Girmay     (Ethiopian Sugar Corporation)

26.  Eperem Alemeyehu (Ethiopian Sugar Corporation)

27.  Feleke Tadedse       (Ethiopian Sugar Corporation)

28.  Mussa Mohammed (Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation)

29. Mesfin Workneh     (Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation)

30. Wasihun Abate –   (Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation)

31. Tamirat Amare      (Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation)

32. Sem Gobene        (Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation)

33. Aklog Demise      (Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation)

34. Getachew Negera (Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation)

None staff of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation

1.        Dr Worku Alemu

2.        Yonas Merawi

3.        Tatek Debalke

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