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Apple Hasn’t Upgraded From the 3GS – They Have Started Something Entirely New With the IPhone 4

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The Apple iPhone 4, which comes in white as well as the standard black, utilises Apple’s iOS4 and uses a turbo A4 processor to rocket you through pages and menus. The top spec Retina Display has a 960 x 640 resolution with a 326ppi and an 800:1 contrast ratio; this means that individual pixels cannot be recognized by the naked eye. The App store is accessible for additional applications and the digital camera is capable of HD video recording. The device has been loaded with an iPod and video player and has been integrated with your social networks and e-mail.

The design team at Apple have opted for an industrial theme with the iPhone 4, the high strength, engineered glass and solid, stainless steal band give the device rigidity and reliability; the glass is made from the same material engineers use in helicopters and the steal band not only acts as the main mounting point for those important components but it doubles as the phones antennas too. A camera has been placed on the front facia for portrait pictures and live video calls; though “FaceTime” calls can only be made with friends who use the same service it is still a pretty cool feature, your live video conversations are made over the phones consistent Wi Fi connection.

iphone 4The intuitive interface works fluidly with the movement of your fingers, the multi touch control is responsive and intelligent and there is tons of variety where applications are concerned. The App store is rich with downloadable content; over 200,000 useful, playful and some absolutely ridiculous applications are ready for you to download, the phone is available with either a 16GB or 32GB flash drive so there is tons of potential space. The user interface is instantly usable, whether your a iPhone user or not; Apple have designed the interface with simple, yet efficient functionality, and they rely on the receptive touch control and huge amount of possible applications to dazzle its users. The iOS4 is a fantastic desktop platform which has been altered for use on mobile devices; it enables users to multi-task without hampering the high speed performance and you can organize your apps into folders.

The internet support on the iPhone 4 is second to none, covering 3G, EDGE/GSM cellular connections, and sporting Wi Fi, so finding and maintaining a consistent high speed connection will never be an issue. The web browser is very good, the multi touch functionality and easy to use pinch and zoom controls make for a comfortable experience and the super powered processor cut loading times to the barest of minimums. The SNS and e-mail integration let you communicate over the web, all of your favourite social networking sites have there dedicated applications which you can download if you don’t already have them and setting up e-mail accounts couldn’t be easier with all of you favourite providers like Gmail and Hotmail offering there mobile specified services.

Apple’s iPhone 4 has been loaded with a digital camera system which boasts a 5 mega pixel lens, LED flash, and various focus types and picture editing tools. Pictures are captured in VGA quality while videos are recorded in High Definition at 30 frames per second. Adding geo-tags to pictures and videos is possible while sharing content can be done via the previously mentioned SNS integration and the phone YouTube application. The built-in iPod is supported by a superb in-house speaker system and a 3.5mm headphone jack for private listening.

iphone4 A number of colourful bumpers have been advertised with the iPhone 4 in-case the normal white or black aren’t good enough. The Apple iPhone 4 looks amazing, performs well and it is very well connected with its online capabilities and SNS integration, gaming on the phone is brilliant as the screen has some of super sensitive sensors within it to give you a 3D experience. Apple haven’t upgraded from the 3GS they have started something entirely new with the iPhone 4.

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A First Look at the iPhone 4 White


The release of the Apple iPhone 4 White is edging ever nearer. The new colour finish adds a further touch of style to what is already a great looking handset. Throw into the equation the impressive feature and you have what is a close to a perfect mobile phone as you could hope for.

One of the sta 

iphone4 ndout features of the new iPhone 4 White is its excellent quality display. Given that this is essentially the part of the phone that is used all of the time, Apple have chose wisely in making it as good as technology will allow them. A massive 400% rise in quality is achieved over the iPhone 3GS with the handset displaying an image higher than what your own eye can actually detect. This is where the name “Retina” display was spawned, and its great quality is thanks to a resolution of 960 x 640 pixels and a superb contrast ratio of 800:1. The screen is the same 3.5″ size that is found on previous models and incorporates In Plane Switching technology (IPS) which further enhances colour reproduction in addition to increasing viewing angles. Overall the new handset is fairly similar in size to the 3GS,, with a couple of millimetres lost here and there and also a slight rise in weight by just 2 grammes. The 9.3mm depth is as slim as any phone you can currently buy thanks to the antenna no longer being located internally. Not only does this help achieve the tiny dimensions, but the metallic strip that now acts as the antenna gives the phone a touch of class with regards to the look.


A modern mobile phone is only really as good as the connectivity that its offers. Regardless of features, if you can’t access your e mails or browse the web then its pretty pointless. The iPhone 4 White thankfully offers a great range of connectivity options. GSM, EDGE and 3G are incorporated, ultimately meaning you can always stay in touch whilst on the move. Thanks to this, you can be kept instantly up to date with your inbox thanks to push notifications on e mails and other applications such as Facebook. The handset also supports WiFi in the fastest speed available. This offers the best online experience from home or work. And with the number of publicly accessible WiFi networks available continually increasing, this method of connection looks destined to become even more popular. In order to use the new “FaceTime” method of video calling that is featured on this phone, WiFi is required by both users, as is an iPhone 4. The result are superb though with great picture and sound quality.

Upon it release very soon, the much sought after iPhone 4 White looks set to become hugely popular thanks in part to its different look, but mainly due to the great features that it hosts.

iphone 4

Ask anyone which mobile phone they prefer for responsiveness and dependability and comfort and nine times out of ten the Apple iPhone 4 will be the answer. It’s no wonder, what with the iPhone’s impressive spec list and track record, trampling the mobile phone industry in a little over three years since its initial release.

Look anywhere today and you’ll surely see someone with an iPhone: texting their friends; updating their Facebook, their Twitter account; chatting over social networks whilst walking to work, staring awe-struck at the beautiful and rich touchscreen as they slide through homescreens, glide through photo albums.

—-Why Is It So Popular?

There are countless reasons why the Apple iPhone 4 is spreading rampant throughout Europe, Asia, America, Australia, England, everywhere. In 2007, when the iPhone made its first appearance in the mobile phone industry, many consumers were sceptical of the computer company’s potential to produce a satisfactory device, thinking it was merely a business move to produce a short burst of income from unsuspecting customers, what with it being released around the holidays. Scepticism was proven wrong once sales flew off the charts in a mere few weeks, allowing Apple plenty of elbow room to advance and grow their technology and ideas. Never before had the mobile phone industry or the technology industry in general, seen such an advanced device readily available to consumers everywhere. Consumer-friendly touchscreens on mobiles were almost a mere myth at the time; creating a mobile with the same function and purpose as a Mac was unheard or thought of until then. 720p video and picture technology, over 10,000 apps, the most advanced touchscreen on the market, and several hundred million users make the Apple iPhone 4 a huge contender in any environment, offering consumers and Mac fans the ease and comfortability so desired in today’s busy world. As social networks and the Internet grow, consumers expect their mobile phones to keep up, another factor of the iPhone’s success.


—-In Retrospect

The Apple iPhone 4 is the jack of all trades amidst a booming mobile phone industry, leaving other companies scrambling to keep up the pace as Apple’s technology improves at what seems like a daily rate. Apps are being added daily, updates are streaming in monthly, and new editions are available almost yearly. With statistics such as that, it’s no wonder why Apple’s iPhone is the most respected and well-known mobile phone company on the market today.