The Infinix Zero 3 X552 is a trending phone in Kenya and combines various feature that makes it so unique. It is a phone that carries so many features which include sleek design, amazing full HD display, ample storage and most exciting of all is the 20.7 MP and 5MP cameras. The phone also is good in performance, and its prices are affordable.

Summary information



  • Dimensions: (142x 70.2×7.1) mm
  • Colors: white, black, purple, blue and gold.


  • Screen: 5.5 inches
  • Technology: IPS, FHD, capacitive touchscreen
  • Colors: 16 million


  • Primary: 20.7MP
  • Secondary: 5MP

OS and processor

  • OS: Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • processor: 2.2GHz Octa-core

Memory status:

  • Internal: 16GB
  • RAM: 3GB

142×70.2 x7.1 mm sleek design.


This phone is amazing in its slim design it comes with. It measures 142 by 70.2 by 7.1 which means it has 142 mm length, 70.2 mm width, and thickness of just 7.1 mm. This phone is highly presentable as it is beautifully decorated with the aluminum framing and virtually with no curve. It feels so nice carrying this phone around because it greatly uplifts your standards. It easier to carry because it is light with a weight of only 120 g.

The camera is square shaped with two LEDs on the side. The corners of the phone have been tapered to ensure that you do not get weary when carrying it with your hands or put some pressure on you while carrying it in your pocket. It’s back case is not removable like most other phones. This is because this phone comes with its battery built-in hence doesn’t require you to open the phone.

This phone comes with some variance regarding the colors. You will find different colors for this phone, and so you can always stick to your favorite one. The colors you are likely to find include white, black, blue, red, purple and gold. You are likely to find yourself falling in love with the gold one because of the way it appears beautiful and full of extravagance.


5.5 inch 1080×1920 display.

The display of Infinix Zero 3 is quite impressive and stands out among other modern smartphones. Offering you a screen resolution of full HD, it means that you will always enjoy high-quality images and pictures. This is the same resolution you expect to find among the modern TVs, and this is just to prove to you how much this phone is dedicated to offering you quality.

The screen length is 5.5 inches which seem to be the most appropriate length for such a phone like this. It is a good size to enable you to watch videos from it. All other services are impressive on that screen. The screen is IPS and capacitive touch screen and comes with high sensitivity. Only a gentle touch and you will have executed a command.

This phone offers a wider viewing angle and true colors. To assure you a much appealing display, this phone comes packages with 16 million colors making you videos appear highly exciting to watch. Its huge resolution enables this phone to enjoy massive pixel density of up to 401 PPI. The clarity offered by this resolution is top-class.


Octa-core CPU, 2.2 GHz

The processor in a phone is the basis of performance. For it to perform excellently, it must be accompanied by a good processor. This phone is a performer, and this is proved by its powerful processor. The name of the processor is Octa core, and its speed is 2.2 GHz. The benefit of having such a processor is that it ensures that the phone can handle all kinds of applications including games. If you love phone games, you may never forget the moments you will have with this phone. It will give you a superb encounter with your best games, and all it assures you is that the games do not malfunction on the process.

The processor too ensures the general performance of the phone by significantly reducing the lag of services. It is possible to perform more than one task at a time and do so at the required speeds. When this phone is ranked among other phones, you will realize that not so many of them have a processor speed of more than 1.9GHz. You can buy this phone with the confidence that it will perform even better than one which you thought it performs.


20.7MP, 5MP camera.


This phone has elegant features that revolve around performance and display. However, the camera of this phone is a feature that so well stands out that no one will deny its efficiency. This phone exemplifies the ultimate prowess in photo and video shooting. Just a few years back even conventional cameras could not take the best quality. Some of the music videos you used to watch on YouTube did not show any effort to be clear. However, upon the advancement of technology, phones are taking over, and by having a phone like this, you can have the best videos and pictures ever.

It comes with two cameras, and the primary one which is more powerful has 21.7 million pixels. Not even some of the modern digital cameras can reach that quality. It is not an illusion when you learn that this camera can record videos with 4K quality. The resolution for this camera rates at 5248×3936 and the videos developed with this resolution are in ultra-high definition. What more would you expect from this phone? You can shoot videos for any important occasions without having to hire another cameraman then edit the videos, and they will be ready to be sold. The secondary camera is 5MP also excellent in clarity.


Price review.

Smartphones prices in Kenya have continued to lower hence giving an opportunity for all to afford. The Nairobi market itself has witnessed fierce competition due to the emergence of many dealers. This has led also caused the prices to remain low, not to mention the multiple brands that are competing for attention. The Infinix Zero 3 has a strategic selling point which makes it much visible amidst heavy competition. It has combined several features like the camera, memory, and performance creating a phone that scales beyond reasonable ability.

Even so, this phone is affordable and the price tag attached to it will give you a feeling that your cash has not gone to waste. Its price averages at around 160 USD which when converted to Kenyan shillings is around 18 thousand.  Looking at the services which this phone offers you, this money is no so much. You can also grab the advantage of buying from the best dealer in which buying online would be more favorable. Moreover, as far as online shopping in Kenya is involved, no other place will you see this phone cheaper than Kilimall. Making your decision in this dimension will highly save your cash.


3030mAh battery


This phone is essentially friendly in its fantastic services and more so because of the time frame that it allows you to enjoy those services. It is so possible that a phone can come loaded with useful features but have a weak battery that does not last. This phone is not like those. It does not deprive your interests to have some quality time of entertainment or any other service. This makes even other of its services more relevant. It would not sound right while mobilizing the efficiency of this phone camera in video shooting to receive a warning that the battery is about to be exhausted. No one would love such a surprise.

This phone elates you with a 3030mAh battery capacity which is guaranteed to last for long enough. If you just dedicate all the charge for the music alone, you will have continuous 50 hours of quality entertainment. The phone gives you good time for calls and other services. You can browse for long or perform other tasks and still enjoy good time with the phone.


Other features

One other fantastic surprise with this phone is on its connectivity module. It offers you a very excellent browsing service which is highly reliable. The phone comes with three mobile networks namely 2G, 3G and 4G. These networks provide very steady speeds that you can depend on for most essential online services. Each of them offers varying speeds in which the 2G network is moderately fast offering speed of up to 236.8 kbps. The 3G is much faster and can reach speeds of 5.76 Mbps. The 4G networks are the fastest and will reach speeds of up to 150mbps downlink and 50mbps uplink. The phone too has powerful Bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi.

The memory capacity of this phone is also something that makes this device one of the best. Having a good camera for taking photos and videos requires sufficient space for storing them. Moreover, this phone recognizes that and offers you 16GB internal memory which is expandable up to 32GB. The RAM is also capacious with 3GB space.

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