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LG are building their collection of Android Smartphones with the Optimus; it is an application based touch screen device with great support for social networking, web browsing and messaging. LG have equipped there new device with very good web connectivity and it enables full access to the Android Market, the Optimus has the obligatory digital camera bolted on to the back and its unique curved design makes messaging a much more comfortable experience than you would expect on an LG.


To carry on the unique curves the LG design team have carved out on the top and bottom of the device make the phone very comfortable to use in landscape mode which comes thanks to the built-in accelerometer which auto-rotates your screen. The metallic style finish to the bodywork gives it an industrial appearance and a sense of reliability and good build quality, the 3.2 inch display is very bright and has 320 x 480 (HVGA) pixel resolutions, the touch technology is resistive and though it is very responsive you won’t get the same performance as you would from a capacitive screen.

The Optimus delivers an application based user experience; there are quite a few cool features to play with; one of these is the SNS application, you can access accounts from sites like Twitter and Facebook and all of your friends and loyal followers will have there accounts integrated with there relevant details in your Contacts. The Android OS delivers multiple home screens for you to work from and you can customize the tabs at the bottom of the screen so you can access the applications you want whenever and wherever in the phone you are. The interface comes with interchangeable themes for you to choose from with more available in the Android Market.

The Android operating system has loaded the LG Optimus with some Google features which cover navigation with Google Maps and instant messaging with Google Talk, but there are tons of other applications or news feeds, weather, social networking, Wikitude and YouTube. The Android platform is getting more and more popular with its simple, yet advanced functionality and great online aspect with the Android Market; the Android Market has apps for gaming like GuitarHero, apps for business users like the Offiviewer and Google Translator, and apps for day-to-day uses with the WikiMobile app, the Android platform has all bases covered.LG G4

The phones camera is a mid-range 3 mega pixel effort, though it doesn’t perform like some of its higher spec competition it will take fine stills and shoot videos, sharing is possible with YouTube and SNS compatibility. The messaging side of the Optimus is pretty good, which is surprising as most LG’s fail to perform well in this field, the Optimus comes with full e-mail integration and is well covered in the IM department, the onscreen keyboard has well sized keys and the unique form of the chassis makes for pleasant handling when typing. The web browser is supported by good 3G network coverage and high speed Wi Fi technology, so you can rely on getting a good web connection from the Optimus. LG have also given the device an expandable memory with up to 32GB comfortably handled by the microSD slot.


lg mobile phonelg mobile phone


This mid ranged device comes with quite a reasonable price tag and offers alot of Android functionality for your penny. LG have successfully shelled out a number of low price mobile phones, but this is only there second attempt at an Android Smartphone with the InTouchMax being there first, so have LG succeeded in making that leap into the Android generation or have they missed the mark entirely?

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